Data Entry, Copy Editing, Line Editing, Ghost Writing

Editing is one of the best investments you can make in the success of your book.

Editing Services-

Data Entry – This service, typing the manuscript as is into a Microsoft Word document, is for authors who only have a hard copy or an audio file of their manuscript. (Manuscript is not changed or edited in any way. Editing services are extra.)

Proofreading (Basic Copy Editing) –

Correct misspelling, typos, incorrect punctuation, and incorrect grammar and word usage. 

Substantive Editing (Line Editing) –

Make or recommend minor changes to the wording (delete, rearrange or rephrase sentences to eliminate potential confusion and wordiness).

Format Editing-

Check style for consistency in formatting such as in titles, margins and font style (italic, bold).

Developmental Editing-

The most comprehensive edit and is designed to fix the “big picture” structure of the manuscript.


This service is for the author who has a good portion of the writing done but needs help pulling it all together. Pricing depends on the form of material submitted (outline, rough draft, assorted sermons, etc.) and the amount of work needed to complete the manuscript.

What Others Are Saying About Valsy Designs

I have known Dr. Valerie Paine almost twenty years. She has done numerous projects for me, and has always exceeded my expectations. She has edited numerous books for me, and has a sharp eye for seeing errors. Not only that, she would also iron my manuscript, dust my thinking, and polish my words. She also wrote Grace Letters: Practical Steps to Experiencing Transformation through Forgiveness for me which is my best seller today. I have had numerous reviews and testimonies on how God used this book to impact their lives. She is currently designing a book for me, and it’s beautiful. Her book design work is creative and eye catching. Dr. Paine is one of the most gifted individuals I have ever worked with. She is the complete package. She is a gifted designer, writer, teacher, and speaker. She is a joy to work with, and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be calling her “Valsy your Palsy” too!

Dr. Emily Edwards

Author and Christian Counselor

I had the privilege of working with Val in the early stages of designing and editing my first book, Ministry to Ministers: A Call to Prayer.  As a writer searching for an editor who could connect with me to accurately express the language and heart of my work, was very important. After our initial meeting, I knew this was the professional I wanted to work with.

Val has a unique way of listening to your heart and accurately interpreting the passion of your message. When she edited my book, I was so amazed at how well she understood me as a writer.  Because of the high quality of services I received from Val, the publishing of my first book was a very good experience.  Also, when I was ready to republish my book through a large well known publisher, they complimented me on the layout and how well my book was written! Thanks, Val! I’m happy to endorse Valerie Paine as one of the finest editors and graphic designers in the business.

Delaine Laney

Adult Educator and Chaplain